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 Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Terms of Use

The proprietor respects confidentiality, however use this site at our own risk.  Every effort is made to keep all submitted information by the user confidential for the sole purpose of maintaining a fair and honorable bidding website.  The Freedom Of Information Act supersedes all aforementioned statements.
The proprietor is not responsible for intercepted information submitted via Email or by other means associated with the use of the Internet and will not assume responsibility for any damages suffered by the user therein.

The proprietor does not guarantee site up time in any manner.  Outages may occur from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control.
As this website is a technology the proprietor does not guarantee receipt of future bids and does not accept responsibility for such.

By registering as a supplier/vendor you are not permitted to share your account or "login" with other vendors.  As a registered user you will take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your account information.  In order to keep the bidding process fair each supplier/vendor must register with their own account and subsequent login. 

There is a fee associated with downloading bid documents.

You can purchase your bid documents one of two ways:

1. Pay a 1 year subscription fee of $150.00 Canadian (not including HST).


2. Pay an individual fee per bid of $30.00 Canadian (not including HST).

Just remember… It’s free to register and view all bid details!


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